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Rental Policies

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What you need to know when booking with us.

**COVID-19 - Please note that all Rental Policies and Terms & Conditions listed on this website or on the Rental Agreements are subject to change at a moment's notice. Guests are expected to adhere to the most current policies regardless if they are listed as part of the original contract to rent or not. Please visit the website, review your online reservation and/or independent rental contract OR contact Klahanie Vacations directly for any clarification or updates. Please see Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.**

Payment (in Canadian dollars) by cash, cheque, email money transfer, or money order. A Rental Deposit of 50% of the total fee is required immediately upon signing to confirm a reservation. The balance of the fee is due 31 days prior to check-in. A refundable Security Deposit of $500-$1500 is also required prior to check-in, The Security Deposit can be submitted separately with your final payment and will be held (up to 30 days after the end of a rental) until the unit has been checked after departure, all keys have been returned and no noise complaints have been issued. The Security Deposit may be held against (but not limited to) loss, damage, excessive noise, extensive or additional cleaning or late check-out. As legislated by the Province of BC, all rentals less than 27 consecutive days will be subject to PST (8%) and MRDT (3%) taxes.

Please see Disclaimer at bottom of page.
If cancelled 31 days or more prior to initial arrival date, 100% of any rents paid including cleaning fees will be fully refunded. If cancelled 30 days or less prior to arrival, 100% of the reservation including any cleaning or other service fees is non-refundable unless an alternative rental is made for the same dates by another guest. Any refund will be proportional to the re-booking and a $75 service fee will be applied. 7 days or less, the reservation is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of an ALL-MOUNTAIN closure due to lack of snow, we will attempt to move guests to an alternate date within the same season at the same rate (excluding Christmas Holidays and the Family Day Long Weekend – these reservations are firm). Should there not be an available date within the same season, guests will receive a credit toward a future reservation at any time of year. All re-bookings must be completed within one month of the original reservation. RE: COVID-19 - An All-Mountain Closure due to this pandemic or similar event will be handled independently of our regular Cancellation Policy and will be determined in consultation with official governing bodies, industry partners and professionals, colleagues and the Resort. Cancellations due to a Guest having any illness (including COVID-19) or anything else that is less than 31 days prior to arrival are still subject to Klahanie's regular cancellation policy. Ensuring the safety and the well-being of our guests is our number one priority while maintaining industry standards and adhering to protocols.

Please keep in mind that you are renting someone's home. Guests are expected to respect the property AT ALL TIMES. Reservations are for a set number of guests and we must be notified of any increase in the size of your party. We reserve the right to refuse or interrupt service to any guest who no longer meets the Terms of the rental agreement. Renters under the age of 25 must be accompanied by an adult of 25 years or older and who must occupy the property for the duration of the stay. Children under the age of 12 are not to be left unattended in any unit for any duration of time. Any reservation made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment of rent and deposit and the party will not be permitted to check-in, or the party may be required to leave the property.

All units are fully furnished with full kitchens. Each unit may provide the same basics such as bedding; towels; paper products (toilet paper & paper towel); cleaning cloths & products; garbage bags; vacuum bags; laundry, hand, dishwasher and dishwashing soap; flashlight (& batteries); lightbulbs; & some basic dry goods (coffee, tea, salt, pepper…). If renting a “self-clean” unit, all linens and towels are to be washed and put away (as found) prior to departure. Items such as food, personal toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, etc) will not be supplied.

Please note that due to COVID-19, the Self-Clean and Basic Clean options are currently unavailable until further notice.
Klahanie offers 3 tiers of cleaning service: Full, Basic and Self. Each tier has an associated fee. Minimum service is the Basic Clean and is available on all rentals 7 days/week. Full Clean Service is available on Sunday's, Holidays and by advance request. Self-cleans may permitted upon approval by Klahanie and will not be available for first time guests. Any of the Cleaning Services must be booked and paid for at the time of reservation. Cancellation Policies (as listed above) apply to the cost of cleaning. Full Clean guests will have minimal responsibilities prior to departure and Housekeeping will fully clean the unit. Basic Clean is "shared cleaning" between the Guests and Housekeeping. Self Clean is the sole RESPONSIBILITY of the guest and guests are required to clean the entire unit thoroughly and completely prior to departure. Washer, dryer, and laundry soap are available in most units. Linen Service is provided in some units and not in others. For those units without linen service, guests may be required to wash sheets and towels prior to their departure. Guests will receive instructions at time of arrival including a Departure Checklist to help guide with the check-out process.

(Referred to as Security Deposit)

Depending on size of unit and number of guests, renters are required to pay a MINIMUM of a $500 and up to a $1500 Refundable Security Deposit prior to entry and separate from their rent. A minimum of $200 will be withheld if the unit is NOT left in satisfactory condition as determined by staff, management and/or owners. $200 may be withheld if any noise complaints are issued against a guest and who does not adequately limit their noise between 10pm and 7am. Please be considerate and keep the noise to a respectful level. Please, do not walk heavily in the units! ($35) It is very disruptive! Please note that all Self-Clean Guests will automatically have the full cleaning fee for their unit withheld from their Security Deposit and that amount will only be returned if the unit is PROPERLY cleaned (as per housekeeping services) and guests return the unit to the SAME condition in which it was received. All units are inspected prior to arrival so the opportunity to report any unit damage or un-cleanliness is upon arrival; otherwise it is assumed that everything is in good order. We do expect the occasional, accidentally broken glass, plate, etc. Please be sure to tell us if something breaks, so that we can replace it promptly.

Due to COVID, Check-in/out times have been altered to ensure safety of staff.

Check-In-Time: 6:00pm - Please advise us of your anticipated arrival time.

Check-Out-Time: 10:00am

Earlier check-in and later check-out may be available and must be pre-arranged (not available during holiday periods, Fridays or Sundays).

Keys - A new code is provided at the start of each rental for keys. Further instructions are given via email a few days prior to arrival. Keys lost or not returned will result in a minimum fee of $50.00 per set being deducted from the Security Deposit. Please note, guests are NOT PERMITTED to cut/copy keys under any circumstances without explicit prior approval and permission from Klahanie Vacations AND the Strata. This applies to all guests including, but not limited to, nightly, seasonal, weekly, monthly, etc. Any unauthorized copying of keys will result in an automatic and minimum fine of $500 and the guest agrees to cover any additional costs that may be incurred to re-key and/or replace any locks (including for the building and any common areas, masters, etc) as a result of their actions.

For underground parking, guests are limited to one parking spot marked with the unit number. DO NOT park in any other spots. DO NOT park on the road as this impedes the snow removal process and you will be towed to Courtenay (at your cost). Additional and/or general parking may be available in the outside parking areas of the buildings on a first come-first served basis and may require a parking pass. All instructions for each unit will be provided prior to arrival.

Most buildings will have lockers for skis, snowboards, etc. These items must be left in the rental ski locker and are NOT permitted in the units, hallways, elevators, or other common areas of the buildings. Some buildings may also have bike storage, but not all. Please check when booking. Instructions for storage will be provided prior to arrival. If no bike storage available, guests will be responsible for locking these items in or on their vehicles. Owners, Klahanie, the building stratas, etc WILL NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen equipment during a guest’s stay.

Due to COVID-19, sauna and hot tubs are temporarily closed until further notice.
Saunas and Hot Tubs - Some buildings or private units may have hot tubs or saunas. Please respect all posted rules. We cannot guarantee service, access, safety and/or cleanliness of these facilities or services at any time. Abuse of hot tub or sauna privileges may result in forfeiture of your rental along with immediate eviction and/or a fine from your Security Deposit. Hot tubs and Saunas may be shut down for the off-season and summer months. Cable & WIFI may be available in some units and service is NOT GUARANTEED. If no wifi, please use your cell phone as a hot-spot or use the free wifi in the Alpine or Raven Lodges. Lack of any use of these facilities or services in NOT AN EMERGENCY and there will not be any refund or reduction in rent as a result.

COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN FOR GUESTS - Effective Immediately and Until Further Notice.
These policies may be added to or changed at any time and Guests are expected to adhere to ALL policies, posted or otherwise. For Staff Safety Policies, please "Employment".

- Guests cannot exceed the posted maximum occupancy of the unit. Guests are limited to the registered overnight guests ONLY. No extra “day guests” permitted until further notice.
- Guests are asked to wear face masks in all common areas and respected all posted rules including those pertaining to COVID-19. Guests are asked to follow and respect ALL Provincial Guidelines and Restrictions.
- Guests are asked to have no more than 3 people at one time in the lobby/foyer areas of the buildings they are entering unless it is a private unit with no common entry way. Numbers may change so please respect all posted signage.
- Guests are to ride the elevator 1 person at a time unless they are in the same core bubble group. Please stand back while waiting for the elevator and allow people to safely exit (with 6ft distance before entering the elevator).
- Guests are to limit their time in common areas and move quickly from the unloading areas or other common areas to go to and from their unit or vehicle.
- Guests are to enter the locker area no more than two people at a time to access the ski locker OR guests may keep ski and other equipment locked in the vehicle and access from there. Please refer to all posted rules of the building as these numbers may change.
- Guests are NOT to linger in foyers, ski locker areas or any other common area and are asked to enter and exit as quickly as possible allowing space for others to enter.
- Guests and staff are to limit interaction and maintain a 6ft distance.
- Please follow all posted Rules & Regulations in and around Mt. Washington Alpine Resort.
- Smoking is NOT permitted in any unit OR on any balcony. Should a guest need to smoke, they must do so in the outside parking areas and maintain a 6ft distance at all times from any other person unless they are from your CORE bubble.

DISCLAIMER - Exposure to COVID-19 or any illness is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present. Klahanie Vacations has implemented protocols to prioritize Guest health and safety when and where possible, but we cannot guarantee Guests will not be exposed to COVID-19 or other illnesses during a visit. The risk of being exposed or becoming sick due to COVID-19 or other illnesses cannot be eliminated. Every Guest shares the responsibility for a safe and healthy visit. It is the Guest's responsibility to read and comply with all instructions and signage posted in the units, buildings and anywhere in and around the Resort as well as on the Klahanie website. Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Wear a face covering in designated areas and maintain at least 2 metres (6 feet) physical distancing from other guests, including in elevators and entrance-ways. Wash and sanitize your hands frequently. Klahanie Vacation Getaways, its Owners, and associated persons shall not be held responsible or liable for weather-related or health-related issues occurring during or affecting a Guest reservation or for any upset, illness or financial loss caused to a Guest because of staying in and/or using any of these properties. All policies are subject to change and/or additions at ANY time.

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